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Please read before posting a cheater

  • Welcome to DirtyEx.com we are happy to have you a part of our anti-cheating community. When you report a cheater you are able to offer your opinion, vent, and let the world know what the cheater has done. Whether a secret affair, infidelity, or abuse we encourage open discussions so that others may learn and grow here. This helps our community learn about the cheater and learn about their ways so that they may benefit from this knowledge in the future.
  • Because our community is an open forum, we’ve got a few ground rules you need to play by to be a part of it.
  • Make sure you’ve read the DirtyEx.com Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
    1. Please do not share your email address or personal information. If you choose to contact others offline, please use caution for your own safety.
    2. Be respectful of other members in this forum. Personal attacks and name-calling are not permitted. Engaging in this behavior may result in the removal of your account and your post being removed from the DirtyEx.com forum. We encourage open friendly discussions, no hate, racist, or threat talk will be allowed here.
    3.  In this forum, we’re all responsible for keeping the community safe and spam-free. Spam is defined as any promotional, commercial, or adult content, posts with URLs unrelated to the topic, the transmission of malware, or anything else that may disrupt service or harm others.
    4. We don’t allow nudity or sexually explicit material in this forum or on our site, including content that drives traffic to p*********y sites.
    5. Don’t bully, threaten or harass other users in this forum. This includes the use of profanity. Further, we don’t allow the promotion of hatred toward people based on their race or ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation.
    6. Don’t impersonate others in this forum. We don’t allow it.
    7. We don’t allow the unauthorized posting of a person’s private and confidential information, such as \ Social Security Numbers, or any other information that is not publicly accessible.
    8. Please make sure you agree to the below as well.

I agree the information posted is true to the best of my knowledge. (Please note, the truth is 100% defense to libel so make sure you tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Feel free to share your opinion which is covered under Freedom of Speech.) All posts are subject to 3rd party arbitration if challenged so please tell the truth at all times. Also if you wish to delete your post after you have published there is a modest 29$ admin fee.

I agree to NOT post any personally identifying information that could be used in identity theft such as social security, driver’s license or passport numbers, date of birth, telephone/fax numbers, or personal/business addresses.

I agree I am the owner of the uploaded photograph and that the image is not copyrighted. (If you took a photo and it is in your possession, you are the copyright owner.)

I agree the submitted entry is over the age of 14. If you don’t follow the rules, we reserve the right to remove your post and revoke your membership with our site. By posting in this forum, you agree to abide by the rules detailed above.



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